Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is is our “short url” for employees to enter on their phone to access and download their company HealthBenefitApp.

How do I send push notifications?

Push Notifications are a great way to send a message to your app users. The easiest way to send a push notification is to send your request to We’ll do it for you! Alternatively, we can provide you with access via Client Portal.

How do I make changes when our benefits change?

HealthBenefitApp will give you access to make the changes yourself or we can make the changes for you.

Can I add new employees when they join our company during the year?

Yes, we can teach you how to make the changes or HealthBenfitApp can make the changes for you.

How secure is the app?

Can my spouse access the app?

Yes, they can download the app and have full access

Is my personal information stored on the app?

No personal health information is stored within the app.                         

Can I use on an iPhone or Android device?

Yes – you can access the app from either a iPhone or Android device.

Is there a fee to download the mobile app?

There is no charge from your company or HealthBenefitApp.

Can I change my information directly on the app?

The app will take you to the secure portal that will have you login and then you can change / update your information.

What is AtlanticMobileApps?

AtlanticMobileApps was our original name. We use AtlanticMobileApps as our Apple and and Android Developer name.

How can I learn more?

Learn more by attending one of our weekly webinars or request for a demo.

How do I accept AtlanticMobileApps if I don’t have Device Management under General settings on my iPhone?

To use the HealthBenefitApp on an iPhone you need to accept AtlanticMobileApps in Device Management under General settings. Some earlier iPhones do not have Device management. If your phone does not have Device Management you will need to install Apple Beta Software.

If your iPhone does not have Profiles and Device Management follow these directions:

  • In your web browser type Apple Beta Software and click sign up
  • Use your apple ID account to sign in
  • Accept agreement
  • Enroll your device 
  • Download profile
  • Automatically takes you to settings
  • Install IOS Beta Software Profile
  • Restart your phone
  • Check general and profiles
  • You are now ready to install our app

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