Publishing Your HealthBenefitApp

History and Control

In the past, HealthBenefitApps have been published by HBA, and privately hosted for the convenience of our HealthBenefitApp clients. In consult with Apple and Google, and following their direction, the best practice is for each HealthBenefitApp client to have a client-specific developer account to house their HealthBenefitApp.

The reason for this is control. Client’s should have control of their app, and it’s very easy to manage this by having their own Apple Developer and Google Developer accounts. Once the accounts are created, HBA will publish your app via your account for iOS and Android devices.


At a high level, to be compliant with Apple, we must publish your HealthBenefitApp under a developer account owned by you. The HealthBenefitApp is for private distribution to your employees. Once the HBA team publishes the app to your developer account, we must select an option for the app that says “Available for private distribution to specific organizations on Apple Business Manager“. This alerts Apple that the app will be hosted on the Apple AppStore but only visible to users that are invited to use the app. For this reason, we need to create a corresponding Apple Business Manager account for distribution management. Once Apple approves your HealthBenefitApp for private distribution, it will appear in your Apple Business Manager Account. From there, the HealthBenefitApp team will generate redemption codes and one-time use links for the install of your app on iOS devices. We manage the distribution of those links to your employees and family members by way of a custom landing page hosted at HealthBenefitApp, and the install of your app is smooth and easy for employees and family members.

For Google, we simply need a Google Play Developer Account for your company, and HBA will publish your HealthBenefitApp to the Google Play Store. The HealthBenefitTeam will manage the process of loading the app, and then distribute a link to the app on Google Play for install on Android devices.

Detailed Steps

To publish your HealthBenefitApp, we recommend the following steps and are happy to review with a technical resource on your team:

  • Create three email accounts to serve as user logins for Apple Developer, Apple Business Manager and Google Play Developer Accounts. See recommendations below.
  • Create an Apple Developer Account to host your HealthBenefitApp for iOS devices.
  • Create an Apple Business Manager Account to privately distribute your HealthBenefitApp to your employees and their families. 
  • Create an Google Developer Account to host and distribute your HealthBenefitApp on Google Play.

Our team is happy to walk through this process with your team or create these accounts on your behalf. Please contact HBA to schedule a call.

HealthBenefitApp recommends a dedicated Email Addresses for your Apple Accounts and Google Developer Account.

Prior to setting up your Apple and Google Developer Accounts, HealthBenefitApp highly recommends creating a dedicated email address to be used as a login for each account. We find it’s best not to tie these developer accounts to a specific person. People come and go, and roles change, so it is easier in the long run to keep these accounts generic.

We recommend you ask your IT Department to create three (3) email accounts or email aliases (e.g. email “distribution list”) that includes team members who should have access to the Apple or Google Developer Account. We recommend:

  • For Apple Developer Account: (this may be used for any app developed for your company, including HealthBenefitApp)
  • For Apple Business Manager: (this account manages the distribution for  your custom HealthBenefitApp).
  • For Google Play: Please setup a free gmail account to serve as the login for your company (e.g. This will be used to configure your Google Play account.  
Once your HealthBenefitApp is processed and available, your employees will visit a custom landing page hosted at HealthBenefitApp. There they will submit their name and email address, and we will send them an email with instructions for loading the HealthBenefitApp to their phone.


Here are detailed instructions for setting up your Apple Developer Account and Google Play Account:

As part of their verification process, an Apple or Google representative may contact you directly by phone to confirm your account. For business accounts, Apple uses D&B to verify you are a valid corporate entity. Most companies have a D-U-N-S Number.  You can click here to look up your company’s D-U-N-S Number.

Here are detailed instructions for setting up a DUN & Bradstreet DUNS Number: 

  • To register for an Apple Developer Account as an organization, your organization must have a Dun & Bradstreet DUNS Number. You can read more about it here: The D-U-N-S Number.
  • D&B may have already assigned your organization a free D-U-N-S Number. Before enrolling, use the D-U-N-S Number lookup tool to see if you have one. We recommend you search for “Other Company” and only enter your Company’s name and State (e.g. HealthBenefitApp LLC and MD). If your company is listed, you can email the D-U-N-S Number to yourself. We are happy to look up your D-U-N-S Number for you.

If your company is not listed, you’ll have the option to submit your information to Dun & Bradstreet for a free D-U-N-S Number. Please note, it may take up to 2 weeks to receive a D-U-N-S number. This will only impact the distribution of your HealthBenefitApp on the Apple App Store. Google does not require a D-U-N-S number and so your HealthBenefitApp will launch on the Google Play Store first, followed by the Apple Store once a D-U-N-S number is assigned.

You will be asked for the following information when requesting a D-U-N-S Number: 

  • Legal entity name
  • Headquarters address
  • Mailing address
  • Your work contact information
As part of their verification process, a D&B representative may contact you directly for more information (e.g., type of business, number of employees). Please have your business registration documents ready.

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