The HealthBenefitApp establishes a direct mobile channel for employee engagement, while providing easy access to our benefit offerings for managing healthcare, retirement, wellness, and other aspects of work life.

HealthBenefitApp is equipped with a full suite of features.

More than just a mobile Benefit guide

Standard App Features


Provide access to full benefit information with resources for enrollment, medical, dental, vision, wellness and more. Enhance benefit information with flyers, webinars, interactive guides and links to online resources. The extent of the resources made available to your employees is virtually limitless, while conveniently integrating the information into their daily mobile lives.


Engage in a way that integrates timely information into the daily lives of your employees. Corporate wellness or open enrollment events easily become personal calendar items. Mobile sharing conveys information easily among family members. Benefits and access to resources become a convenient, on-demand aspect of the fabric of daily mobile usage.


With the app installed on a phone, push messaging and in-app content provides a direct channel to the phone for corporate communication. With the HealthBenefitApp portal, broadcast 140 character messages to employee phones that activate the app and conveys important information to the attention of your employees.

Health & Wellness

As health and wellness increasingly become part of the daily lives of your employees, the HealthBenefitApp serves as a curated resource for high-quality content and services provided to employees for fitness, diet, exercise, telehealth, cost savings and all facets of daily healthy living. There is no easier way to stay connected and relevant within the everyday lives of your employees.