Creating an Apple Business Manager Account:
Step by Step Guide

To privately distribute custom apps to employees, you need an Apple Business Manager Account.  Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up this account.

Prior to setting up your Apple Business Manager Account, HealthBenefitApp highly recommends creating a dedicated email address for your Apple Business Manager Account. Once that account is created, that email cannot be changed. For that reason, it’s best not to tie the account to a specific person.

We recommend you ask your IT Department to create an email, an email alias or an email “distribution list” that includes team members who should have access to the Apple Business Manager Account. An example might be “” like Use that email to include members of the team now, or in the future as roles change.

Creating an Apple Business Manager Account

Step 1: Have your Business D-U-N-S Number ready. If you don’t have your D-U-N-S Number,  HealthBenefitApp can look it up for you and send it to you via email. You can also do a look up here. D-U-N-S Lookup.

Step 2: Go to:  to create your account. 

Select “Not yet and Apple Business? Enroll Now.”
The enrollment form will ask for the Business Legal Name and D-U-N-S Number. Please enter these exactly as they are recorded by D&D and their D-U-N-S Service. You will know it is correct when the Enrollment Form validates and immediately reflects your business address. Please remember to fill out any blank fields, specifically your website address.
Scroll down to enter your Contact information. You will be contacted by Apple to confirm your information. They will call to ask if you have authority to establish account on behalf of your company. As the IT or Project Manager, the answer should be yes.
You will be asked to review and submit the Enrollment Application. Select submit.
Your enrollment will now be under review by Apple.
You will receive an email confirmation, and can expect a phone call from Apple confirming your enrollment.
You may check your enrollment status at any time.
Apple Care will call you and ask the following:
  1. Are you authorized to create this Apple Business Manager Account. Yes.
  2. Will this account only be used for internal purposes (e.g. for employees only). Yes.
  3. If they ask any questions you may not know the answer to, please call HealthBenefitApp for support.

Upon review, Apple will then Approve your Account.

Please provide your Apple Business Manager user name and password to HealthBenefitApp.

When we login, we may need to enter a code for 2-Factor Authentication to gain access.

Trust the browser.

Within Apple Business Manager, under Settings (button at the bottom left). Go to your Enrollment Information.

Here, please do the following:

  1. Enable Custom Apps.
  2. Copy and email the Company name and Organization ID to HealthBenefitApp.

With this information, we can assign your HealthBenefitApp to your Apple Business Manager Account.

We will login to your Apple Developer Account and connect your HealthBenefitApp to your Apple Business Manger account by adding your Organization ID and Company Name for distribution. See highlighted blue area below.

This connection is immediate. Once your HealthBenefitApp is connected to your Apple Business Manager Account, it will be visible under the Custom App section of your account.

By selecting that custom app, we can generate 1-time use redemption codes and links for employees to download your app.

Once the codes are created, we download the list.

We use these codes and our proprietary process to enable your employees and family members access to their HealthBenefitApp by way of your company’s HealthBenefitApp Landing Page.

For more information or support please contact HealthBenefitApp.



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