Creating a Google Developer Account

To submit apps to the Google Play Store you need a Google Developer Account. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up this account.


1. Prior to setting up your Google Developer Account, HealthBenefitApp highly recommends creating a dedicated email address for your Google Developer Account. 

We recommend you ask your IT Department to create an email, an email alias or an email “distribution list” that includes team members who should have access to the Google Developer Account. An example might be “” like Use that email to include members of the team now, or in the future as roles change.

2. Next, go to: and please create a Google Developer Account by clicking on the “More options”-button.

3. Once you’ve logged in follow the steps on the screen to complete the registration for your Google Developer account. Creating a Google Developer Account requires a one-time payment of $25. You will need a credit card to complete the payment.

4. After completing your registration for a Google Developer Account you will automatically be redirected to Google’s Developer Console. Once you see the screen shown below, your Google Developer account is ready for use.

Please submit any questions to

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